Rates & Reservations

Rates & Reservations

Plan your stay with Tanna Evergreen Resort and Tours and explore Tanna’s beautiful island. For your comfort, Tanna Evergreen hosts different room and suites beautifully designed to match the standards of both business and leisure travellers.

Get the best rate and other benefits such as complimentary arrival drinks, full use of the resort facilities, free snorkel gear hire, continental breakfast, free fast WiFi in the guest lounge, and free return airport transfers

Besides, All guest rooms are made of rare local materials and have excellent cross-breeze ventilation. The rooms also feature books to read, porch with table and chairs to watch the sunsets.

Children age 0-5 are free of charge (not necessarily to include in the booking count).

Book in advance, enjoy our 10% Early Bird Speicals!  Bookings made more than 60 days in advance.